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Some pictures of me hurdling at various Track meets. I competed in Track and Field 7th through Senior year, mainly in hurdles, but a few other things along the way.

hurdles track and field
My distinctive form with my right arm straight out. It was an advantage when there was a guy on my right, I could just smack him behind me, well, not really.

Academy meet losing
Here I come. I'm the one second from the left in the green and gold. This is at the Academy meet.

you can get him
Here's a nice close up of my form. I was so close to beating the other guy. I don't think I did though.

Cross Country tires and hurdles
That's me and my two girlfriends (Katie-left, Lauren-right). I wish, but they don't. We all ran track together for several years. Katie was a distance runner and Lauren was a hurdler with me.

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