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Summer, 2001
Here is a summary of all that I did during the summer of 2001. This doesn't quite sum it up since I was also getting ready to go to China for a year. And, while I will be in China, my parents are going to be in Germany making my life quite a bit more complicated, so I had to take care of a lot of those issues.

Brent was working at Los Alamos National Lab
Brent, a friend from college, had the opportunity to work at Los Alamos National Lab, so we got to hang out some over the summer.

Yvonne came to visit Brent
Since Brent was here, his funloving girlfriend came to visit. These two pictures are both of a hike we went on while she was here.

backpackin in Utah
Paul, Tam, Lauren, Mike, and me went on a trip to visit Katie in Flagstaff, Zion, and Bryce. This is in Zion.

Wombies traveling around
Here is another nice view of the area we were hiking through.

someone made this cave
We spent one day hiking through Bryce. We did a lot in this 5 day weekend. It was a lot of fun.

mountain biking fun Pajarito
Here is Lauren and me at the top of Pipeline road after biking up. It got a little dark on the way down, so that it was interesting to bike at night down a bumpy road.

Kyle results not so good
I raced in the Pajarito Punishment. Lauren couldn't cause her bike was broken. I don't have any pictures of the race, but here are the results. You can make out my name in 4th place in the second category.

she looks quite full
At the beginning of the summer, Lauren and I decided to have an eating contest.

he looks quite full
Needless to say, we ate a lot of pizza that night.

I cooked dinner she kissed me
We ended up tying, so we both had to fulfill our part of the bargain. I had to cook her a homemade pizza (and I tried to make it a nice romantic setting). She lived up to her part of it, but you'll have to ask her to tell you the story about that one....

Overlook hiking
Lisa was home for a few weeks, so I got to see her. Here we are hiking at the bottom of the red dot trail.

10 ten meters falling
The craziness continues with cliff jumping at Abiquiu.

swimsuits tanning
From left to right: Raviv (KT's boyfriend), Katie, Tam, Lauren, and me.

Does she need help
We all had a good laugh when we found that Tam could not get her shirt back on.... (sorry Tam)

not quite enough wind
I brought up some windersurfers and we tried them out. We didn't have that much wind, but it was a good amount to learn on. Overall, it was a good summer.

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