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Summer, 2000
Here is a summary of my summer 2000. This was a a very busy and strange summer as can be seen from the variety of events that happened in the pictures shown.

helping to restore the damage
From left to right: Katie, Diane, and moi. After the Cerro Grande fire which burned the forrests near Los Alamos and about 400 homes, there was a large restoration effort to help with planting seeds and spreading hay to prevent floods from occuring.

a fun little game we created
These are a series of pictures showing a new way of spreading hay, we call it hay-ball. Basically it's a combination of kick ball and hay spreading. We had a lot of fun with this.

not sure what the rules are though
This is Katie in the process of getting a "homerun" or whatever it's called. The previous picture was Diane.

homerun good hit
Here is myself after spreading some hay.

all the beauty is gone
Just one small portion of the damaged area. The spread hay can be seen all along the ground.

burned truck
The extreme temperatures of the terrible fire can be seen by looking at this truck. Luckily, the fire was stopped from actually burning the house behind it.

We look ready for anything
As a fun release from the fire damage, we rock climbed up Sandia (about 800 straight up feet). It was a fun day. left to right is Dave, Lauren, Wes, and moi.

looks good
If you ever get the wonderful opportunity to put a new shingle roof on a house, decline, it's not fun. If you've heard it's bad, just know that it's worse.

Do not put a roof on yourself
After about 250 man hours my parents and I are almost done with it.

Finally no more to go
There it is, the last staple in the roof. We were all very relieved.

it is not too far
I was just about to jump off cause I was going insane up on the roof.

what a mess
I'm glad I didn't cause I would have landed in all the ruble from our little summer project.

nice view
Here's a nice shot of my backyard and the new roof we just put on. On the backside of the roof, we added five skylights and an evaporative cooler.

the hammer not the hand
My Dad was proud of all the boo-boos on his fingers. I think they have healed by now.

camping lake
As yet, another fun release from working on the roof, we went camping at Abiquiu and then went cliff diving the next day with many college students from the United Church in Los Alamos. It was fun.

where are the smores
A deep philosophical discussion as we camp at Truchas on a weekend backpacking trip.

we are going where
"That's where we're going...." The start of Saturday's hike up to 5 peaks.

on top of the world
There we all are up on the top of one of the peaks. It was a great day for hiking.

will he make it
Not all of the hiking was exactly hiking as you can see. Wes demonstrates alternative moves well....

where is the parachute
That flying squirrel is actually me crossing a little chasm.

gravity is broken
Lauren plunges to the other side hoping to land correctly. Luckily she did, we all know how many times she hurt herself hurdling in high school....sorry Lauren.

where to now
We stopped at Garden of the Gods coming home from a family vacation. I was trying to get to the top.

go down - go up
"Come on Dad, I want to pull the big rock over...."

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