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December, 1997
I have always wanted to watch all the Star Trek movies in one day, so we decided to try the Christmas of '97. This is a little outdated, so it will need to be done again with all of them. If they keep releasing them, they won't all fit into one day though....

8 eight of them
Here are the three people that made it. Left->right: Tam, myself, and Spencer. As you can tell, we don't all look so takes a lot of energy to sit and watch them all, especially the first one. Don't forget Tam, we are still going to watch all 9 Star Wars if they ever make them all....

16 hours of movies
Here they all are. We watched them all in one day-all day. As you can tell by the clock, it is a little after one in the morning. We watched them in a 24 hour period, not really in one day, but we didn't think anyone was really going to care that much about that technicality. We'll have to do it all over again when they make some more....

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