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These are some pictures from around White Rock and Sandia (both in New Mexico) on many different trips. Friends and I at home go rock climbing a lot during the summers and whenever we get the chance.

up up and away
Here I am rock climbing at Overlook, near where I live. Don't think it's easy, I just make it look that way.... :)

Sandia multi pitch climbing
We just finished a multi-pitch 800 ft. rock climbing excursion on one of the Sandia faces. Left->right: Lauren, me, Wes, and Mark. This was a lot of fun.

looking out from the top
Here is one of the views we had from Sandia.

mountain top
Here is another nice view we had from Sandia.

my neighbor and me
Here is my neighbor, Alexis and me after climbing for a while at Overlook, near White Rock.

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