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May, 2001
Here are some pictures of my graduation.

Los Alamos High School graduation
I was hoping I don't trip walking across the stage. Don't worry, I didn't.

Lauren Kyle Katie
That is Lauren (left) and Katie (right). Two very good friends. Never anything more than that, but they have been some of my best friends.

Lauren Kyle Lisa
Lauren (left) and Lisa (right). Good friends...I've known them both since 7th grade and have had classes with them both a lot. We had some good times.

Kyle Lauren Ami Katie
Lauren (left), Ami (center), and Katie (right). We all were in band together and had a lot of fun together on trips and football games.

Lauren Kyle
That is Lauren. I think she was in one of the other pictures....

graduation family
Here is my family. Ah, my parents look so cute holding hands. I was glad my brother got to fly home to see my graduation.

senior recital
Here is my Senior Recital playing the saxophone. I think it went pretty well. I didn't make any funny sounds or anything.

The following four pictures are some of my senior pictures.

Kyle Brandon Reed

Kyle Brandon Reed

Kyle Brandon Reed

Kyle Brandon Reed

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