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Here are some of the formals I went to in High School. A large majority of them ended up with us 'just being friends' which was fine. I had fun at most of them.

formal dance
Maggie and I went together to Freshman year homecoming. This was the first dance either of us had been to.

Homecoming Los Alamos High School
I don't know what was going on, but I thought it was a cute picture of Maggie.

guys girls dancing Homecoming
The whole group we went to Homecoming my Sophmore year with. Left->right: (girls) Lauren, Tina, Katie, Annie, Suzzie, and Becca. (boys) John, Kyle, Tim, me, Meredith, and Michael.

Kyle crosage on Annie
Here I am putting a crosage on Annie before Homecoming Sophomore year. Yes, in case you are wondering, she is taller than I am, but I don't have a problem with that like some people do.

Two studly men and a beautiful woman
This is me, Katie, and Meredith. Katie just doesn't know what to do with the both of us. Doesn't she look cute? I think so.

They are quite pretty
Just the cuter ones of the group.

all the studs
Just the guys of the group.

Tam Kyle dance
This is Tam and me. We went to Homecoming my Junior year together. Isn't she pretty? We had a good time together

Shes very cute
Isn't she cute? She didn't think I was very funny for taking this picture.

Heading to Prom
This is Tina and myself before attending Junior Prom. It was at this Prom that I was crowned Prom Prince. I was pretty excited about that.

Next morning
A bunch of us ended up staying there watching movies until morning. It was late by the time we got there and a long drive home.

getting ready to leave
Me putting a crosage on Gesa before Homecoming my Senior year. She was a foreign exchange student from Germany.

posing for the camera
Here we are posing for the camera....

just friends at the dance
We boycotted dates and went as friends to our Senior Ball. We made each other crosages with construction paper and markers. Left->right: Shane, Lauren, Kyle, Annie, me, Ami, and Leah.

pretty girl with pretty flowers
This is me putting a crosage on Lisa with Chealsea watching over her shoulder. This was before our Senior Prom.

Here we are together. Before this, we went to Santa Fe and borrowed a swimming pool and hot tub on the roof of a hotel and went to eat on the Plaza.

we look so good
Here are this three studs I tripled with. Left->right: James, Alistair, and me.

we are very tired
We're a little tired the next morning. After Prom, we met up with some other friends and went hiking up a little trail near town. Well, we got a little lost, so we didn't get back until about 4:30 in the morning. We all had a lot of fun hiking in the moonlight though.

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