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Here is a backpacking trip some friends and I took up to Colorado during the summer of 1999. We have done many trips like this over the years.

sand snow boarding fun
First, we stopped by the Sand Dunes. Here I am for the first time on a snowboard. Wes brought it along so I could hurt myself on it....

you should try sand skiing
I'm still up, but not for long. I was headed down after hitting a little bump. I just couldn't figure out to turn.

Colorado 14000 foot feet peak
Here is the whole group before we headed to the top of the mountain. Paul in the back. Left->right: Katie, Tam, Jana, Matt, me, and Wes. Lauren in the front.

cloudy day
About to hike up the rocky terrain.

where are we
Hmm, that sure is steep, are you SURE this is the right way to go?

top is cold
Must have been the right way. Can we go back now, it is freezing up here.

pretty mountains
But, look at the view. That made it all worth it.

rugged mountains
Simply gorgeous.

long downhill
Going down is a lot easier than going up.

me small
I look small next to the small part of the mountain.

studs in the mountains
Look at those three studs standing in front of the mountain they just climbed. Oh yeah, they feel good.

doctor mother father crazy
Now, this picture is a little strange. The reason is is because the tent was completely black before the flash went off. Also, we were all trying to look a little strange. So, the result is this. Other people have thought it looked as though Katie was having a baby. Now, Paul with his head band on looks like a doctor which means that I had to be the father. Don't worry though, nothing happened.

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