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July, 2001
This was a trip we took to a nearby lake (Abiquiu) to go cliff jumping/diving. Much fun. You should try it if you ever get the chance.

eight 8 meter dive at Abiquiu
AHHHH!!! That is me diving off an 8 meter cliff. I went over a little on the bottom, but I didn't smack, but I didn't rip it either. :(

treading water with feet above
Here we are working out our arms by keeping out feet out of the water. Don't worry, we aren't touching the bottom, it goes down a long way.

diving friends
Left->right: Katie, me, Raj, Tina, Lauren, and Wes.

diving flipping somersault
Here I am showing off....I had a lot of fun remembering how to dive.

we look so cute together
This is Katie and me on the shore. Don't we look cute together....

diving flipping
Keep those toes together...don't bend the knees...good, your eyes are open. This is me opening up from a 1 1/2 off a four meter cliff.

heading home
Here we are after we are done and about to go home. Just behind us to your right are the cliffs we were jumping off.

Friends and chilis
AHHH!!! What happened to me, I'm a chili....

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