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Here are some trips around Los Alamos and Santa Fe I have been on over the years living here.

Here is a group of my friends after a weekend backpacking trip. Girls, from left to right are Katie, Lisa, and Tina. Boys from left to right are Shane, Paul, me, and Zack.

setting up camp
Here is Lisa, Lauren, and me after we have arived at the camp site. It was a nice day for hiking.

Are we lost
After we got settled in, we went on a short little steep hike up to the top of the ski area and played around on the ski lifts. Here, Lisa and I are confused about which way is North. (not really)

heading home
Here we are about to leave and head home. So sad that is over, but there will be more in the future....

A day hike we took to Santa Fe Baldy.

we got to the top
Paul (left), Tam (center), and me on the top.

Los Alamos is right there
If you look close enough, you can see Los Alamos, but it is kind of hard to see. That is where it is supposed to be.

he is too scrawny
Look at the stud on the top of the mountain. Actually, he looks a little scrawny there, but really, he isn't.

is he stuffed - no
Ah, isn't it cute?

what is he looking at
Looks like a little teddy bear you would want to pick and hug.

Rio Grande

Here is a nice view of Overlook. This is about a mile from where I live. I go rock climbing and hiking in this canyon a lot.

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